Montana's Unlimited sheep hunts

Montana offers an opportunity that isn’t available anywhere else in the world. In a few select units, sheep tags are issued to anyone who applies. The country is rugged and the hunting is tough, but with the help of an outfitter who has done extensive scouting and has intimate knowledge of the area’s rams, this can be a great opportunity at a Rocky Mountain bighorn ram.

We are permitted to outfit bighorn sheep hunts in an area of Montana that issues these unlimited sheep tags. This might be the best opportunity anywhere in the lower 48 to harvest a bighorn ram, and certainly at a fraction of the cost of bighorn hunts in places like Alberta. Our experience, excellent horses and proximity to the area allow us to give our clients the best possible chance on this unique hunt.

These hunts book well in advance, so be sure to call us early for availability.

2019 Pricing: 

  • $8,500 with trophy fee of $4,500