Bucket List Hunt: Rifle Elk in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Visiting the Bob Marshall Wilderness in any capacity is a check mark on the bucket list. But a rifle elk hunt here during the rut is a very unique experience. The BOB is over 1.5 million acres that connects to the greater Glacier ecosystem, extending north into Canada. It is a massive wilderness complex that hosts large elk and deer along with many other iconic Rocky Mountain species.

A Unique Elk Hunt

The Bob Marshall rifle hunts begin in September and you have the opportunity to hunt elk in the rut. There are very few elk rifle seasons that coincide with the rut. Partnering with an outfitter means you can access very remote country via horseback.

There are dense, high elevation drainages where you will listen for calls then bugle and talk to elk until one moves within range. You can work parks and treeline zones and where longer shot opportunities are available via open space as well. You are likely to see and hear quite a few elk on this hunt.

If you manage to take a great bull, having the ability to pack it out on horses makes life that much easier on you.

Bonus Species

If packing into remote wilderness for elk isn’t enough, consider a combo hunt. There are some large high-country mule deer along with opportunities for big whitetails in the lower elevations. Very few hunts come with the bonus of adding a trophy deer to the list. The extra tags are often filled when an elk is dropped early, or when a hunter lucks across a sizable deer.


This isn’t a spur of the moment trip for most hunters. Preparing means training physically to hike at high elevations and on difficult terrain. You must apply for tags in the spring, coordinate with your outfitter, sight rifles and prepare equipment. Being in good shape is very important. A guide and horses can shoulder a good amount of the load but hiking and navigating terrain is inevitable (and also part of the fun).

The Montana 2017 application deadline is March 15! Call us ASAP at 406-932-5687 or send us a message to book your Montana wilderness elk hunt with Lazy J Bar O Outfitters.