Summer Backpacking- Prep for the Hunting Season

Hunting season is a ways off but that doesn’t mean you should be home on the couch. Strap on a backpack and head for the hills to explore your hunting area. Besides the obvious benefit of getting outside and having fun, you will gain an advantage for the coming hunting season.

Gear Test


Wear your hunting boots, pack and bring most of the gear you will carry during your hunt. Obviously you can leave the game bags behind and throw in a fishing rod but try to keep the weight somewhat relevant. You can break-in and test new equipment while refining the contents of your pack on summer treks. Look for opportunities to shed weight and cut out unnecessary equipment as well. Keeping your pack light during the fall makes it much easier to tack on a few extra miles and push hard throughout the hunt.

Get in Shape

Use your summer trips as a training exercise. Build up the mileage gradually and get your legs working. Doing a few day hikes in advance is a good way to gauge your current condition. It’s easy to push too hard on your first trip and end up with an injury. Take the time to stretch, rest and recover. Training takes some time and you can build momentum over the course of a few trips while supplementing with workouts between.

Scout New Territory

You know that feeling that you should be hunting that obscure little patch of ground you found on the topo that looks promising but hard to reach? Then you decide it’s too risky to burn that energy and time during your hunt. Summer is the perfect opportunity to take a look and scout. You may not even find animals in the area during the summer but you can scout water and food sources that provide refuge and security during hunting season. Take your trip off the trail and scout new drainages. Also keep your eyes peeled for sheds, old rubs and signs of rut from the previous season.



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