Montana’s Unlimited Sheep Tags

Montana offers a rare opportunity for sheep hunters with five units with unlimited sheep tags. These hunts open the world of sheep hunting to those motivated enough to tackle some serious country. The unlimited tags are based on a quota system and the season ends when the quota is filled. This means time is critical and setting up early and hunting hard is the name of the game. 

Serious Bear Country

The unlimited sheep tags are located in areas with high grizzly bear densities. Be extra careful and carry bear spray and/or a sidearm. Look for sign, be cautious in thick timber and remain alert when you are moving. Keep an eye on the horses if you have them and do not ignore nervous behavior.

High Basins

Reaching the high country and finding glassing zones with views of the higher basins is a good approach to locating rams. Horseback makes this a much easier task. Hiking into these areas requires serious training and endurance. Horses are also a much quicker route to a basecamp.   


The timber can also produce legal rams. Glass the transition zones where high elevation grasses give way to the treeline. Sheep will slip in and out of the timber and utilize it for cover. You may even move down a little lower into the timber than expected and still find bighorn sheep as they avoid pressure and predation in these unique units. 

Outfitter vs DIY

The outfitter route is a major advantage here. The terrain is difficult and experience makes all the difference. Having horses will also save a ton of time and effort. Your outfitter will scout pre-season and know productive zones. DIY is also a great way to hunt for the experienced. If you can handle a week or more of grueling hikes in the backcountry, you may find yourself rewarded with a ram. Going this route requires advanced training, map study and pre-season scouting trips if possible. Either way, talk to hunters who have experience with this hunt and invest your time in gathering information and studying every aspect of the hunt.

Lazy J Bar O Outfitters is headquartered in Big Timber Montana, giving us a geographical advantage of knowing and living near some of Montana’s best, unlimited sheep hunting areas. We offer fully guided hunts into remote and rugged country. For information on these trips, please send us a message or give us a call at 406-932-5687