From Sunshine to Snow: Montana Archery Elk Hunting Update

Here’s your Montana archery elk hunting update! It’s been a wild season here in Montana. A big thanks goes to our clients who hunted with us this archery season. We had a great time and we can’t we hope to hunt with each of you again soon.  

We had a ton of fun on our archery elk hunts this year. Despite the fire season in Montana, hunting conditions were great. We went from warm weather and sunshine at the beginning of the season, to snow at the end of September. It was just what you’d expect from the volatile Rocky Mountain weather. 

Once again this year we are seeing really impressive numbers of elk and even more impressive quality bulls. We may sound like a broken record, but this really is some of the best general-unit elk hunting anywhere in the west right now. No preference points or low-odds lottery tags here. But the quality is that good. 

 As you’d expect on any archery-hunting endeavor, there were plenty of close calls, misses and cases of bull fever this season. Archery hunting is always a challenge. It gets even more challenging when you’ve got a 700-pound antlered behemoth screaming back at you! But that’s all a part of the fun. 

Any elk with archery equipment is a trophy, and our clients connected on some particularly nice archery bulls this season. But we’re already looking forward to the rifle season opener, when we can get back after some of the big boys we’ve seen this year up in this rough country. 

2017 Archery Elk Hunt
2017 Montana Elk Hunt

If you have a rifle hunt booked with us later this year, we look forward to seeing you! Please let us know if you have any questions. 

If you’d like to know more about elk hunting in Montana with Lazy J Bar O outfitters, please explore our Hunting Pages. You can also contact us anytime for details. We offer fully guided elk hunts in some of the most remote and rugged country in Montana. Backcountry hunting adventure, at its very best!