Want to be an expert at calling elk? Use these resources to up your game.

Calling elk successfully requires hours of practice and study. It’s not a skill learned overnight and mentorship makes a huge difference on the learning curve. If you’re going on a guided archery elk hunt with Lazy J Bar O Outfitters this year, be sure and soak it up from your guide – don’t hesitate to ask questions. There’s no better lesson than in the field.

If you don’t have an expert to train under, there are a few DVD and online courses available that are worth the dough. 

Spend the time leading into the season practicing with one or more of the top available resources. Everyone has a slightly different style and pays to learn from all of them while developing your own nuances and style in the field.

Photo by of Ryan McSparran

Photo by of Ryan McSparran


The DVD series is absolutely awesome. You can purchase individual DVD’s for specific scenarios or just grab an entire set. They also have bugles and a playbook in written or audio formats. They are one of the longest standing authorities and resources available and have a loyal following that speaks to the effectiveness of their products.

Elk 101

These guys have excellent reviews for their online course, some of which come from top tier hunters. Their Elk University has 15 modules that cover every aspect of an elk hunt, including calling (module 9). The comprehensive courses uses a combination of written content, photos, audio and video for instruction. It really doesn’t matter where you sit on the experience spectrum, you will learn something from this course. It begins with the planning phase and ends with the packing phase of your hunt. The ability to easily access all of the content through their member portal makes it an attractive options.

Roe Hunting

They have a great library of videos only accessible with a membership. The courses are separated between turkey and elk with the option to purchase separately or as a package. You can also choose an annual package or a quarterly membership. The quarterly option is perfect for summer practice as you prepare for the rut and fall hunts. They cover bull and cow calls in a variety of scenarios while really diving into the different aspects of behavior. They cover locating elk and have an 8-part series dedicated to understanding elk calling habits and re-thinking the common approaches to calling during the rut.

For information on guided Montana elk hunts with Lazy J Bar O Outfitters, please check out our Southwest Montana Hunts. If you’d like to chat or ask any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 406-932-5687 or send us a message.