Montana Elk and Deer License Options

Every year, the due dates for deer and elk applications seem to arrive suddenly. The applications are due on March 15. Before you run out of time, do some planning and get everything in order.

The application process is the same as the last year. No major changes to report. You can submit a paper application or apply online. The online system is smooth and is your best bet, especially with a narrow deadline.

Deer and Elk Combination

The deer and elk combination gives you the option to harvest a mule deer or whitetail buck in many units along with a bull elk. On our wilderness hunts, we often cross paths with large mule deer while chasing elk. The quality of mule deer bucks are impressive and will catch many hunters by surprise. Applying for the combination tag is a good move if you want that opportunity.

Highly focused hunts are common as well and you can apply for a single species tag. The mule deer only or elk only tags are a popular option. For help deciding which is right for your hunt, give us a call today at 406-932-5687 or contact us online.

Additional Application Types

In addition to the general elk and deer applications, the state offers a number of specific other elk and deer application types. These are limited and do not apply to the majority of applicants. The landowner sponsored application for example, is specific to individuals with pre-approved access to hunt a specific property.

Youth can apply for a combination license at about half the rate of adult combo license costs. Non-residents who were born and raised in Montana also have a reduced cost come home to hunt application option.

What a Draw Includes

A successful draw includes base hunting license and your tag or tags. It also comes with your conservation license, an upland bird license and a fishing license. Many guests will plan a fishing or bird hunting trip before or after the primary big game trip. You can really extend the license and take advantage of the free additions that are included. For the ultimate trip, harvest a bull elk, mule deer and bag a few pheasants before tackling the trout filled rivers.

Time is almost up – if you have questions about the application process, please give us a call today at 406-932-5687 or contact us online.