Float the south fork of the flathead

In addition to guided fly fishing, we offer drop float trips on the South Fork of the Flathead River. We pack you, your gear and your float equipment to the confluence of Young’s and Danaher Creeks where the South Fork of the Flathead River begins. It's a long journey to get there. But there are few places that are as remote or offer such a unique experience. 

This is truly one of North America's great camp-float adventures. A drop float trip is a one-way ticket and you will need to arrange transportation on the other end. If you need help finding an outfitter to pack you out at the end of your float, we can help provide recommendations, depending on your take out point. 


Drop Float Details and PRicing

Drop float trips begin at the Monture trailhead, seven miles north of Ovando, Montana. Guests arrive the day before their scheduled trip, as gear needs to be dropped off at the trailhead by 2:00 p.m. We will weigh and pack your gear for an early start the next morning. Guests are welcome to camp at the trailhead or stay at the Blackfoot Motel in Ovando.

On the morning of departure, the pack string with your gear will go over Hahn Pass, a 29 mile ride to the confluence of Young’s Creek and Danaher Creeks which form the South Fork of the Flathead. Meanwhile, clients will ride in from the Lodgepole trailhead, which is a 23 mile ride to the confluence. Some clients choose to walk and some may choose to ride. If walking, it’s important to know that there are a few major creek crossings.

Rafts typically take one and a half pack animals, two rafts take three pack animals, and max load weight per pack animal is 150lbs. Please be mindful of this when making up your gear for the trip. You will need IGBC Approved coolers for food storage. These coolers and containers must be the same size for balancing mule loads.

Note: If your party is fishing for bull trout, you will need to secure that license and catch card from FWP.

The drop float trip prices are one-way. If you are interested in a drop trip for camping or backpacking, the cost would be doubled for pickup and return.

Please contact us for drop float pricing