Kodiak Island and Alaska Range Grizzly Hunts

The central part of the Alaska Range is home to some beautiful grizzlies with good color variation. You never know where you are going to find a bear; it may be on the river or in high country, we hunt it all. If you are in search of a nice bear and that is your main objective, we will hunt from spike camps in the higher valleys for Grizzly.

We also offer spring and fall bear hunts on Kodiak Island. This is a draw area, with license applications due by the end of December. These are excellent hunts for some of the world’s most notoriously large bears.


Grizzly hunts

Our area in the Alaska Range produces beautiful interior grizzly bears averaging 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 with some as large as 8 1/2 feet and record-book skulls. Fall hunts are usually combined with moose or sheep though we do offer single species trophy hunts. The spring hunts, of course, produce some great long haired bears. Spring grizzly hunts run the last ten days of May to take advantage of the 24 hours of daylight, making all night hunting a great opportunity and experience.

2019 grizzly Hunt PRICING

  • 10 Day Spring Grizzly/Wolf | Alaska Range | $13,500

  • 12 Day Spring & Fall Grizzly | Kodiak Island | $18,500

  • 12 Day Sheep/Grizzly | Alaska Range | $24,500

  • 12 Day Moose/Grizzly | Alaska Range | $24,500