Wilderness horseback trips

Summer in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area is something to experience and our horseback trips make for a perfect summer vacation. One of the largest wilderness areas in the lower 48, you can’t “get away” any more than you can in The Bob. Total solitude and incredible scenery make for an idyllic summer horseback adventure. As you leave the trailhead and enter the heart of the wilderness, your horse’s hoofs on the dirt become the only sounds in this giant expanse of wild Montana country.

Our summer horseback trips are customized for the needs of each group. Whether you’re here for the fly fishing, the scenery, the riding, or simply the solitude, we will design the perfect wilderness trip for you. From five days to two weeks, with two people or 10, we look forward to helping you plan your summer vacation!

We offer progressive summer horseback trips along the famed and impressive Chinese Wall. These roving pack trips give you the unique opportunity to see as much country as possible and can be customized to meet your expectations.


  • 7 to 9 Day Trips
  • $350 Per Day, Per Person
  • Fully Outfitted and Professionally Guided