high-Success Hunts in montana and alaska

At Lazy J Bar O Outfitters, we offer high quality horseback hunting expeditions in Montana and Alaska. Our hunts are all fair-chase, wilderness adventures.

In Montana, we provide highly successful wilderness hunts for elk, deer, bighorn sheep and mountain lion.  In Alaska, we are the premier horseback outfitter, specializing in remote hunting for Alaska-Yukon moose, dall sheep, grizzly and caribou.

Outfitter Mike Colpo has been guiding professionally for more than 30 years in Montana and more than 25 years in Alaska. We own our own stock, and being a breeder gives us the benefit of having the best horses and mules in the business. We have horses to suit riders of any ability level. The combination of experience, a great staff and a dedicated focus on customer service, allows us to provide a memorable experience for each of our guests.

Two incredible areas in montana to explore

We offer hunting trips in two of Montana's best hunting areas.

First, and probably most well known, is the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area. The Bob is a massive expanse of wilderness that offers unparalleled opportunities for solitude and adventure. The most unique opportunity in the Bob Marshall Wilderness is a rifle elk season during the September rut. This is one of very few places with a September rifle season for elk and something that every elk hunter should experience! 

Second, we offer hunts in the steep and rugged wilderness of southwest Montana. This area is less well known, but we’re perfectly content with that underrated status. In fact, this area is home to some of the best elk hunting in Montana. In fact, we'll go further. We think it's some of the best general-unit elk hunting available anywhere! With an elk population that has exploded and continues to grow each year, this area has an extremely high bull-to-cow ratio. If you have a bull elk hunt on your list, this is an area you must explore!

Operating under permit with the Custer Gallatin National Forest and Flathead National Forest.

Hunt In Alaska


We hunt an area in Alaska that is remote, game rich and unpressured. Our unique approach as a true horseback outfitter allows us to access places that would be otherwise unhuntable. This combination of factors allows us to kill some of the biggest bull moose anywhere in Alaska. 

In addition to the outstanding moose hunting, we boast a highly successful dall sheep hunting experience. Our area lies deep within in the Alaska Range and we are fortunate to have access to some incredible dall sheep country.

Finally, we offer spring and fall grizzly hunts on Kodiak Island and in the interior from our camp in the Alaska Range. And our caribou hunts offer the opportunity to kill an impressie trophy bull. 

If you've been dreaming of an Alaska experience, this is one you can't miss!