a unique approach to alaska - yukon moose hunts

Lazy J Bar O Outfitters is proud to offer some of the finest mountain hunting for big Bull Moose in Alaska. Our hunts are spot-and-stalk, using a horseback approach to reach remote parts of the Alaska Range. This allows us to cover country that’s not otherwise hunted on foot. Horseback hunting makes us versatile, and it allows our guides and hunters to produce some of the biggest bull moose trophies coming out of Alaska today.

Our horseback approach to moose hunting is very unique for Alaska. We are able to locate big bulls in areas that receive no other hunting pressure. We may hunt out of our comfortable base camp, or out of a spike camp in remote drainages. There aren’t many places that we can’t find a big bull. Our out-of-the-box thinking has proven to work and we are taking some of the best moose anywhere in Alaska. Whether you hunt early or late in the season, we know where to look for that quality bull.


guided moose hunts

This area produces large, record book grossing bulls over the 220” mark each year. During our 20 year tenure in the Yanert Fork Drainage, we have held a mean average of 59 inches with many outstanding bulls in the mid to high 60s with the occasional 70-inch bull. This area is home to one of the healthiest populations of moose in the Alaska Range, giving our hunters an excellent opportunity to take a large bull.

Our moose hunts begin on September 1st and run through September 25th.These are 10 day hunts with a day of traveling on each end giving you 8 days of total hunting. If you want more days or combination hunts with Dall Sheep or Grizzly we offer 12 and 14 day hunts as well as 25 day hunts for all species or we can customize the adventure to suit your needs.