3 Day Long Range Shooting and Hunting School:

  • June 7th -9th, 2019


Our Long Range Shooting and Hunting School runs one class per year in June. We spend two days on the range east of Big Timber. The third day is spent in the hills putting your new skills to work in realistic hunting conditions. We provide lunch and an evening barbeque each day. We can accommodate up to eight shooters per class. All you need is an accurate rifle in a long-range caliber, a turret style scope and 100-plus rounds of quality factory or hand loaded long range ammo. Come and learn, see some beautiful country and have a bunch of fun!

Master Guide and Outfitter, Mike Colpo spent four years with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Benning, Georgia. Mike was a competitive and winning small bore shooter, high power shooter, long range shooter and running target shooter. He was also a sniper instructor during his time with the Marksmanship Unit.

As a professional hunting guide for over 30 years, Mike has seen hunters have their best and their worst moments in regards to their shooting skills. Success or failure in the field depends on proper preparation, including training and the correct mindset. Without this preparation, the potential for failure is all too likely to occur.

The evolution of technology, combined with proper training and equipment, allow for success at ranges beyond what was possible just a few years ago. It takes dedication, hard work and the proper mental attitude to make the so called “long range hunter.” According to Mike, long range shooting skills in the sport of hunting should be viewed as another tool in the tool box.

As a guide, Mike believes that getting as close to the game as possible is the true essence of hunting. But (and there is always a “but”), the technology in rifles, optics, rangefinders, bullets, and powder make it possible to be successful at distances that in the past only a very few serious shooters could actually do with some degree of consistency. For the client that has dedicated hard-earned resources to a hunt, having long range shooting skills can make the difference needed in bringing home that trophy of a lifetime.

For this reason, Mike has developed his specialized Long Range Shooting and Hunting School with a team of skilled, competitive shooters and long range hunters to assist in teaching classes. The course curriculum is designed to teach a hunter how to shoot at longer ranges. Mike relies on his experience and the experience of other outfitters to teach what is expected of the hunter when you come on a guided hunt. We will teach you how to successfully use your equipment under field conditions. Emphasis is placed on position building, incline shooting (steep angles), wind, mirage, ranging, and bench work.

You will learn how to train and gauge your success as it applies to hunting scenarios. You will learn when to shoot and not to shoot, team firing, proper cleaning techniques and why the bullet does what it does at longer ranges.

One of the topics covered that sets my school apart from others is the training you will receive on the mental aspects of shooting, whether long range or short range. I believe my instructors and I will make you a better hunter and a better marksman. Instead of “lobbing rounds,” we will teach you to be precise and accurate when shooting at game. We put a special emphasis on ethical shooting. We will train you to make good decisions in the field, as conditions dictate what you can and cannot do. Our goal is to give you the right tools and to make you the best you can be.

Mike Colpo within group